Voltronic is a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of inverters and UPS, focused on the design, manufacture, marketing and introduction of solar energy products to satisfy all customers.

Voltronic is a benchmark thanks to its versatility and its affordable price for small and medium sized photovoltaic systems. With a clear commitment to self-consumption, its inverters are ideal for disconnecting from the grid in an isolated connection system.

Voltronic inverters integrate the charge regulator and the battery charger in the same device, saving space and combining three products in one. In addition, thanks to its integrated display, the device can be configured, making the inverters easy to use for users.

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Axpert EX 1.5KVA/3KVA

Thanks to this inverter charger, the AC charger can be increased to 60A.

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Axpert King 3KVA/5KVA

Designed with a zero transfer time perfect for critical devices such as servers and ATMs.

Axpert MKS 1KVA-5KVA

Charger inverters with MPPT regulator, parallelizable and with generator start.

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Axpert VM III 1.5KVA/3KVA/5KVA

Third generation charger inverters with MPPT regulator, detachable display with bluetooth and compatible with lithium batteries.

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Axpert MAX 3.6K-7.2K

  • Customisable status bar LEDs with RGB colours

  • Built-in MPPT controller

  • WiFi included

  • Power at 3600W and 7200W

  • The 7200W model can be paralleled up to 6 units

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