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Solar Controllers

Always keep the battery under control

Gracias a nuestro reguladores de carga solar puedes tener un greater control over batteries of your installation. Being sure that you extend their useful life by constantly monitoring the state of charge and / or the intensity of the same.

At Techno Sun we have the best brands for regulador de carga solar MPPT and PWM solar charge controller.

MULTI-SMART MS-MPPT maximizing regulator

60A solar controller with possibility for 12, 24, 36 or 48V. With bluetooth via and monitoring via mobile APP with additional accessory.

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Brands of solar regulators

How does a solar charge controller work?
What is a solar charge controller for?

El regulador de carga solar se encarga de controlar el flujo de energía que circula entre los the solar panels and baterías solares avoiding overcharging and maintaining the optimum point of charge and discharge. This control is carried out by controlling the Current and Voltage parameters and will depend on the state of charge of the battery and the energy produced by the solar panels.

How to choose a solar controller?

En la actualidad existen dos tipos de reguladores de carga solar para las instalaciones solares fotovoltaicas: los reguladores MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) and reguladores PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

Depending on the type of installation and the capacities of the same it will be advisable to opt for a type of regulator and with characteristics that can maximize the full potential of the same, for example, for small solar installations PWM is usually used because the cost premium, while in larger installations usually comes out better the MPPT, because despite being more expensive, its efficiency is superior. That is why we recommend  contact us to receive personalized suggestions for each of the different situations.

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