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With wind turbines you will be able to produce electricity thanks to the wind

The vertical wind turbine is a useful tool for those areas with high wind activity that takes advantage of wind energy. These windmills or wind turbines can be very practical as a complement to a solar photovoltaic installation and support the energy generated by the solar panels.

Take advantage of wind turbines to supplement your solar photovoltaic system. 

 Accesorios aerogeneradores

All the necessary elements that will facilitate the installation of all types of wind turbines such as PWN regulators, turrets, cones or blades.

Discover also the specific accessories of brands such as Techno Sun o Primus Windpower.

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What is a wind turbine?

The wind turbine is a device that transforms the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. Depending on the speed that the rotor reaches, thanks to the speed of the blades that are displaced by the wind, a higher efficiency will be achieved.

Which wind turbine do I need for a house?

Depending on the energy we want to produce, we will need one type of wind turbine or another. From Techno Sun we recommend that the wind turbines are a support to the solar photovoltaic installation, therefore, the choice of the type of wind turbine will also depend on it.

If your customer is interested in installing a wind turbine we recommend you to contact the sales team who will inform you about the best options at the best price.

Types of wind turbines according to voltage: 12v, 24v and 48v wind turbines. These wind generators can be used in both stand-alone and self-consumption installations.

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