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Battery chargers

Supplies current or voltage to your battery

El cargador de batería realizará la carga de las baterías fotovoltaicas  in three stages, or four, depending on the model. In this way we ensure that the  baterías solares receive the current supply or electrical voltage and store it when the modules are not producing energy.

Las mejores marcas de cargadores de baterías a los mejores precios.

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Victron Energy Phoenix 24/16 120-140V

A powerful battery charger from 120 to 140 volts and a battery capacity between 100 and 200 Ah.

Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

Schneider Electric Charger 24V/20A Xantrex

24-volt, 20-amp 3-stage automatic charger.

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Outback Power Charger 3.0 kVA

3.0 kVA, 24 volt, 30 amp automatic charger. With DC Cover and RTS included.

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TBS Cargador de baterías 24V/30A

24 volt, 30 amp automatic charger.

Victron Energy battery chargers

Battery charger brands

What is a 
battery charger?

The photovoltaic battery charger  is responsible for loading the solar batteries using a generator set. In this way, when the installation is short of energy and cannot charge the batteries, this charger will be an auxiliary support without the need to expand the installation.

Which solar battery charger do I need for a photovoltaic system?

The most suitable charger for a solar installation depends on several factors: the place where it will be installed, the type of battery, its capacity, and the voltage of the installation. For example, there are different types of battery chargers depending on voltage, 12v or 24v battery chargers, depending on the type of battery: gel battery charger, AGM battery charger, etc.

Por tanto, dTherefore, depending on the type of installation and its capacities, it will be advisable to opt for a type of solar panel  cargador or another, and with characteristics that can provide the extra energy that the solar batteries need. That is why we recommend that you  contact us to receive personalized suggestions for each of the different situations. 

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