PAYMENT METHODS                 

At Techno Sun we accept two modes of payment for orders:

Bank transfer

You can pay the amount specified in the quote you received in your email to the following bank accounts:

BANKIA: ES87 2038 8722 0060 0004 2724 - SWIFT : CAHMESMMXXX
BBVA: ES39 0182 2339 6702 0120 2651 - SWIFT: BBVAESMM

Once the payment has been made, you must confirm the operation by sending the transfer receipt to

If you have credit with Techno Sun, your order will be validated after review.

Redsys: Payment by card

In the case of selecting card payment, once the purchase has been confirmed you must fill in your bank card details and the payment will be confirmed automatically as the payment is immediate. For security reasons, sometimes your bank will send you a code to your mobile phone to complete the payment. Techno Sun will not receive these details nor will it have access to them.

Withholding of funds

Contact your bank for information about payment authorisations and retained funds. When you place an order in our online shop, we contact your bank to confirm that your card number is valid. The response from the bank is an authorisation of the transaction for the full value of the purchase. At that time we do not charge the order amount, but the amount is reserved.

Some banks may withhold these authorizations between 7 and 15 working days. If your payment is refused due to a lack of available credit, please contact your bank to confirm if the funds withheld correspond to transaction authorisations. Also check the time these authorisations are being held and ask your bank to release them in case of cancellation of the order.

Techno Sun cannot request the release of these funds, as these authorisations remain active on the side of the card-issuing bank.