Huawei SUN2000 - 2KTL-L1, Gen 3 - 01075351

[01075351] Huawei SUN2000 - 2KTL-L1, Gen 3 - 01075351

  • IP protection grade
  • Efficiency (%)
  • DC power (W)
  • Compatible lithium batteries:
  • Number of MPPT
  • Voltage type
  • Units per pallet
  • Product weight (Kg)
  • Power (W)

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Huawei SUN2000L 2KTL is a single-phase hybrid inverter equipped with 2MPPT with a nominal output of 2000W.

With this inverter you will have higher income thanks to the high efficiency inverter topology, having a maximum dle 98.6%. It is also lightweight, requiring only one person to install it anywhere, includes an AC connector optimised for quick wiring, and supports one-click inverter configuration.

It has an integrated energy storage interface for immediate use. It also has built-in lightning protection for both DC and AC, and a zero export function with intelligent power sensor.

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Specifications for Huawei SUN2000 - 2KTL-L1, Gen 3 - 01075351

Especificacions elèctriques generals
IP protection grade IP65
Efficiency (%) 96,7%
DC power (W) 3000Wp
Especificacions tècniques de l'inversor
Compatible lithium batteries: LG Chem Resu HV or Huawei LUNA 2000
Number of MPPT 2
Voltage type monofásica
Informació logística
Units per pallet 24 por pallet
Product weight (Kg) 12,6kg
Filtros de búsqueda
Power (W) 2000