If a product has a manufacturing defect, the professional can claim the guarantee of the product. This guarantee differs depending on the brand and product purchased.

During the first two years Techno Sun can act as an intermediary between the professional and the manufacturer. Access your profile in the webportal B2B and request an RMA indicating any problems you may have detected. You will have to follow the same process as when you make a devolución to send us the products that you want to use their guarantee.

Once we receive the product we will send it to you at manufacturer who will be the one to make a decision on this matter. At Techno Sun we do not have the power to decide if a product needs to be replaced or to carry out any kind of maintenance within the guarantee, it is the manufacturers themselves who have to decide about this.

At Techno Sun we will try to offer the maximum possible information to the manufacturers so that they can replace or repair the product, which is why it is important that the professional provides as much information as possible about the defects that it has detected, but we cannot guarantee any kind of response until the manufacturer makes a statement.

Below is a list of the main questions about guarantees, as well as a list of the main brands and guarantee times they offer for their products. If you wish to request the guarantee of a product that is not listed then go to contact with us and we will inform you about it.

Some manufacturers require prior registration of the product on their website, as well as other manufacturers offer free extensions through such registration. We recommend checking the manufacturers' websites and registering the products if necessary. There are also possibility of extending the guarantee in a wide range of products. If you want to know more about extended warranties, you can consult our webportal B2B o contact the sales department.


The company has two years to benefit from the guarantee and Techno Sun manages the contact with the manufacturer.

After two years the professional will have to contact the manufacturer and manage the warranty directly with him.

The shipping costs between the professional and our facilities are paid by the client.

In the case of sending it directly to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will indicate who is responsible for these costs.

This will depend on the manufacturer and Techno Sun cannot make a decision on this matter. It may be the case that the manufacturer considers the product to be defective and a new one is sent to the customer.

It may also be the case that the manufacturer considers the defect to have been caused by misuse or other extraneous factors. In this case Techno Sun may offer a partial refund. The technical department will make an assessment and a depreciation will be applied. The customer will be informed of this depreciation by e-mail. Once the customer has approved this depreciation, the refund will be made, within 3 to 6 days, by means of an amending invoice.
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Response times vary between manufacturers. Through the B2B web portal and our different departments we will inform you of the status of your guarantee request if it was Techno Sun who sent it to the manufacturer.

The ideal situation is that the product will be sent in its original packaging, although this is not obligatory.

At Techno Sun we recommend that the packaging is resistant to avoid possible damage during transport that could affect the guarantee application.


Warranty periods (in years)

  • INGECON SUN 1Play - 5 years

  • INGECON SUN 3Play - 5 years

  • INGECON SUN PowerMax M/X/B - 5 years

  • INGECON SUN StringControl - 5 years

  • INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play - 5 years

  • INGECON SUN STORAGE PowerMax B - 5 years

  • INGECON EMS Plant Controller - 3 years

  • INGECON SUN PowerStation (Enveloping) - 5 years

  • MSK17 (Structural base) - 5 years

  • Transformer MT - 2 years

  • Cell MT - 2 years

  • Transformer BT - 2 years

  • Table BT - 2 years

  • Air conditioning unit - 2 years

  • SAI / UPS - 2 years

  • Other accessories (communication cards, software and monitoring tools, etc.) - 1 year

  • Spare parts - 1 year

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Li-on batteries - 3 years

  • Other batteries - 2 years

  • Any other Victron Energy product - 5 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Limited Product - 10 years

  • Limited Power Output - 25 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Standard guarantee for all products - 10 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Microinverters - 10 years

  • Devices ECU - 3 years

  • Accessories - 1 year

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Standard guarantee for all products - 2 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Photovoltaic module - 10 years

  • Photovoltaic module Perc Mono - 15 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Standard guarantee for all products - 12 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Inverters - 5 years

Warranty periods (months)

  • Standard guarantee for all products - 18 months

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Standard guarantee for all products - 10 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Standard guarantee for all products - 10 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Inverters String - 2 years

  • AC Combiner - 2 years

  • Datamanager - 2 years

  • Fronius Smart Meter - 2 years

  • Fronius Ohmpilot - 2 years

  • Fronius Solar Battery - 2 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • SUN2000 Series Inverters - 5 years

  • Solar Smart Monitor & Data Logger - 2 years

  • SmartACU2000, SACU2000, ACBox2000 - 2 years

  • SUN2000L Series Inverters - 10 years

  • SmartPSB2000L - 10 years

  • Smart PV Optimizer SUN2000P-375W - 25 years

  • NetEco1000S Inverter management system - 1 year

  • Smart I-V curve diagnosis - 1 year

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Against material and manufacturing defects - 5 years

  • Against fan failures for inverters/chargers and charge controllers - 2 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • STORAGE-67-TS-10 - 10 years

  • STORAGE-67-TV-10 - 10 years

  • Battery-Box H 6.4 - 10 years

  • Standard warranty for all other products - 5 años

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Professional Series (except inverter SureSine) - 5 years

  • Essentials Series and the inverter SureSine - 2 years

Warranty periods (in years)

  • Standard guarantee for all products - 15 years