Lithium battery 6.4kWh 200-282V | 1C | Battery-Box H6.4 | B-Box H - BYD

[BAT0526] Lithium battery 6.4kWh 200-282V | 1C | Battery-Box H6.4 | B-Box H - BYD

  • Model
  • Compatible Inverters
  • IP protection grade
  • Ambient temperature range (ºC)
  • Efficiency (%)
  • Modules per battery
  • Battery type
  • Maximum output power (KW)
  • Parallel
  • Operating Voltage Range (V)
  • Peak output power in 5m (KW)
  • Height/box length (mm)
  • Certificates
  • Box width (mm)
  • Case depth (mm)
  • Weight with box (Kg)
  • Communications
  • Energy storage capacity (kWh)
  • Nominal voltage (V)
  • Warranty (Years)

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The BYD B-BOX H lithium LiFePO4 solar battery range allows more than 6000 discharge cycles at 90%, has a 10 year warranty and stands as one of the market standards in quality and performance, especially for high reliability and self-consumption applications, where its capacity and efficiency make the difference.

These batteries consist of an upper part (BMU) and a lower support that allows the incorporation of five to nine BYD B-PLUS H 1.28 units of 1.28kWh. In this way, a capacity range from 6.4kWh to 11.5kWh is allowed. In addition, thanks to the incorporation of 5 modules, it is possible to expand the system and guarantee its scalability.

The BYD B-BOX H batteries are perfect for high performance installations for self-consumption and energy saving solutions thanks to the qualities of Li-Ion lithium such as its high charge and discharge capacity and its voltage values in HV.

BYD's B-Boxes have the highest power output in the industry, providing customers with greater performance. The system can reach speed C at a maximum of 1C and 2C at the peak to support critical loads such as A/C, pumps, etc.

The B-Box is designed with LiFePO4 chemical battery which has been widely recognized as one of the safest battery technologies. The LiFePO4 chemistry has stable structures and its thermal packaging temperature is above 480 ℃. As a result, the B-Boxes are designed for safe residential and commercial applications.

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Specifications for Lithium battery 6.4kWh 200-282V | 1C | Battery-Box H6.4 | B-Box H - BYD

Informació sobre el producte
Model B-Box H 6.4
Compatible Inverters SMA/KOSTAL
Especificacions elèctriques generals
IP protection grade IP55
Ambient temperature range (ºC) -10/+50
Efficiency (%) >95.3
Especificacions tècniques de la bateria
Modules per battery 5
Battery type LiFePO4
Especificacions tècniques de l'inversor
Maximum output power (KW) 6,40
Parallel Max. 5 sistemas en paralelo
Operating Voltage Range (V) 200-282
Peak output power in 5m (KW) 12,8
Dades físiques del producte
Height/box length (mm) 894
Certificates CE/UL1642/RCM/ Sicherheitsleitfaden Li-Ionen-Hausspeicher
Informació logística
Box width (mm) 580
Case depth (mm) 380
Weight with box (Kg) 148
Communications CAN/RS485
Filtros de búsqueda
Energy storage capacity (kWh) 6,40
Nominal voltage (V) 256
Warranty (Years) 10