Configuración del país en inversores SofarSolar serie G3 e híbridos EP y trifásicos

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Configuración del país en inversores SofarSolar serie G3 e híbridos EP y trifásicos
Techno Sun, SLU

Guide to country setting for Sofar Solar inverters

The Sofar Solar inverters of the G3 series and EP and three-phase hybrids come without the "safety" file in order to be able to set the country code during commissioning.

Therefore, with this guide we can do it quickly using a USB memory stick.

Step-by-step configuration of the country code for SofarSolar inverters

Paso 1. Formateo de la memoria USB a FAT 32. Importante que el archivo de Código de país debe estar en la carpeta “safety” en la raíz de la memoria. El archivo del safety lo puedes descargar en su página oficial: (no funciona)

Con la reciente actualización de la web del fabricante SOFAR, ahora el enlace es el siguiente:
Hay que descargarse el archivo firmware, dentro además del propio firmware se encuentra la carpeta SAFETY. (No todos los archivos o versiones contienen el SAFETY).

IMPORTANT: Do not open the txt file or it will be damaged. Simply download and copy to the USB stick directly

Step 2. Disconnect the DC and AC switches. Open the USB cover and connect the USB memory stick.

Step 3. Turn on the DC switch. The screen with the following icon will appear

Step 4. Press the key  to enter the menu,

and select "Enter setting" - "Set Country." Press the key again but with a long press.

Step 5. Select Set Country and enter the password 0001

Step 6. Select the desired country code and press Enter. At the end of the article there is a list of country codes.

HYD (Hybrid) inverter country code settings

To set up the country in hybrid inverters just change the procedure from step 4:

Step 4. Press the enter key to enter the menu, and select System settings - Safety Param.

Step 5. Select Safety param and enter the password 0001.

Step 6. Select the desired country code and press Enter

List of Sofar inverter country codes

Country Code Norm
Australia 002-000 General
002-001 AU-WA
002-002 AU-SA
002-003 AU-VIC
002-004 AU-QLD
002-005 AU-VAR
002-006 AUSGRID
002-007 Horizon
002-008 Australia -B
002-009 Australia -C
Austria 013-000 Tor Erzeuger
Belgium 008-000 General
008-001 HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
Brazil 028-000 220V grid
028-001 LV
028-002 230V grid
028-003 254V grid
028-004 288V grid
China 010-000 China-B
010-001 Taiwan
010-003 HongKong
010-007 China-MV
010-008 China-HV
010-009 China-A
Columbia 111-000
111-001 LV
Croatia 107-000
Cyprus 024-000
Czech Republic 030-000
Denmark 005-000 General
005-001 TR322
Dubai 046-000 DEWG
046-001 DEWG MV
Estonia 109-000
Europe 018-000 EN50438
018-001 EN50549
018-002 EN50549-HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
Europe Off-grid 022-000 150 to 283 VAC range (260…489V Phase/Phase)
022-001 150 to 283 VAC range (260…489V Phase/Phase) for SOFAR 136KTL-HV
France 011-000 VDE0126
011-001 FAR Arrete23
011-002 VDE0126-HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
011-003 VFR 2019
Germany 000-000 VDE4105
000-001 BDEW / VDE AR-N 4110
000-002 VDE0126
000-003 VDE4105-HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
000-004 BDEW-HV / VDE AR-N 4110-HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
Greece 006-000 Continent
006-001 Island
India 025-000
025-001 MV
025-002 HV
Ireland 039-000 EN50438
Italia 001-000 CEI-021 Internal
001-001 CEI-016 Italia
001-002 CEI-021 External
001-003 CEI-021 In Areti
001-004 CEI-021 Internal-HV
Japan 014-000 50 Hz
014-001 60 Hz
Korea 020-000
Latvia 122-000
Lithuania 108-000
Mexico 035-000 LV
Netherland 007-000 General
007-001 MV
007-002 HV
New Zealand 027-000
027-001 MV
027-002 HV
Norway 034-000
034-001 LV
Philippines 026-000
026-001 HV
Poland 012-000 LV
012-001 MV (SOFAR 125KTL-HV)
012-002 HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
012-003 ABCD
Saudi Arabia 121-000
Slovakia 029-000 VSD
029-001 SSE
029-002 ZSD
Spain 003-000 RD1699
003-001 RD1699-HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
Sweden 021-000
South Africa 044-000
044-001 HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
Switzerland 015-000 General
Thailand 040-000 PEA
040-001 MEA
Ukraine 033-000
United Kingdom 009-000 G99
009-001 G98
009-002 G99-HV (SOFAR 136KTL-HV)
IEC EN61727 019-000
Wide-Range-60Hz 038-000 Off-grid
LV-Range-50Hz 042-000 Off-grid