Huawei Fusión Solar 7.0

30 de junio de 2021 por
Huawei Fusión Solar 7.0
Techno Sun, SLU, Hugo Rodrigo Zapata :

New version of the Solar Fusion app

At the end of April, Huawei launched the new version of Huawei Fusion Solar 7.0, its portal and app for monitoring photovoltaic installations.

All existing plant data, accesses and data are automatically migrated. Only users and professionals have to install the new FusionSolar version from the Huawei App Gallery.

Among the new features, the different domains have been merged, both intlobt (Fusionsolar 7 Beta) and intl (FusionSolar 6) under the same intl domain. The accounts will be automatically migrated to the new FusionSolar 7 portal with the same username and password.

With this new version the  Luna 2000 battery is available in the battery options available in the device detection section of the application start-up wizard.

Along with the portal update, the FusionSolar App mobile application will be updated. You can download it from here.