• Kit Caravaning
  • Paneles solares
  • Inversores
  • Cargador (para red o generador)
  • Cargador (para alternador)
  • Cargador (para solar)
  • DC/DC Conversión
  • Baterías
  • Protección baterías
  • Monitorización

Solar kit for caravans and camper vans

Everything you need to install a photovoltaic system on your caravan or camper.

The freedom of movement that gives a motorhome or camper van can only be complete when it has a solar kit for caravans and camper to self-supply electricity without having to connect to any outlet. A camper solar kit provides the complete autonomy we are looking for in this type of vehicle thanks to a photovoltaic installation that can allow from charging the phone, to power the fridge, laptop or all the electrical appliances we want.
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The best prices on solar kits for motorhomes and camper vans.

What is included in a caravan solar kit or camper solar kit?

The kits include the necessary components to make a solar installation of the size and type required by the user. The kits may include solar panels, solar batteries, solar regulator, solar inverter, special supports for the photovoltaic modules. Depending on the requirements of the installation may have all or only a part of these products in greater or lesser number.

Advantages of the camper solar kit

Clean energy



Long life