• Kit Caravaning
  • Paneles solares
  • Inversores
  • Cargador (para red o generador)
  • Cargador (para alternador)
  • Cargador (para solar)
  • DC/DC Conversión
  • Baterías
  • Protección baterías
  • Monitorización

Material solar para caravanas y campers

Everything you need to have solar energy in your caravan and camper van

At Techno Sunwe offer all the necessary components so that you can make your solar installation in your caravan or van. From individual elements, to make replacements or improvements in existing installations, to the most important components, we can provide you with the solar kits for caravans and camper with everything you need to power your vehicle when you're on the road.

All these materials are particularly selected for their good performance in small installations, ensuring maximum yield and energy production.

The best prices on solar kits for caravansalways cheaper than buying them separately!

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Tirio: Solar inverters for caravans and camper vans

The solar inverters for caravan and camper are responsible for transforming the energy generated by the solar panels into optimal electrical energy for use. Inverters are essential in any solar installation.

Tirio inverters are pure sine wave inverters of high reliability and quality for the conversion of the energy obtained from the batteries, also has two plug sockets and a USB socket to connect directly the devices you want. 

Thanks to the monitorización para caravana y camper you can keep informed of everything related to your photovoltaic installation, from consumption to incidents.

Monitoring is a key factor for the control of solar installations, whether large-scale or small, as in the case of photovoltaic systems in caravans and camper vans. Thanks to monitoring we can ensure that the entire installation is working properly, and we can know how much capacity we have in our batteries and if it will be enough for our needs, in addition, in case of any incident, monitoring can warn us of its existence so that we can solve it as soon as possible and thus avoid greater evils and not having energy.

Solar chargers for caravans and campers

Drawing of a solar installation for campervan

One of the biggest challenges when someone camper vans is to install a photovoltaic system to generate your own energy and not depend on connecting to a power grid.

In the following button there is a link to our technical blog with an installation plan with Victron Energy products and with the list of materials used, as well as some photos of the van with the installation.

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