Solax Triple Power T58 5,8kWh HV Master V2

Solax Triple Power T58 5,8kWh HV Master V2

Batería de litio 5,8kWh | HV hasta 4 uds. en paralelo (23,2kWh)

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  • Tensión nominal (Vdc / Vac)
  • Grado de protección IP
  • Ciclos de vida
  • Corriente de carga/descarga máxima (A)
  • Máxima potencia de salida (KW)
  • Comunicaciones
  • Capacidad de almacenamiento de energía (kWh)
  • Garantía (Años)
  • Kit: Versión del producto

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Tensión nominal (Vdc / Vac): 115,2V
Grado de protección IP: IP55
Ciclos de vida: 6000
Corriente de carga/descarga máxima (A): 35A
Máxima potencia de salida (KW): 4kW
Comunicaciones: CAN/RS485
Capacidad de almacenamiento de energía (kWh): 5,8
Garantía (Años): 10 años

Nombre mostrado: Solax Triple Power T58 5,8kWh HV Master V2

T-BAT H 5.8

Triple Power 5,8kWh

Designed and manufactured in partnership with SolaX, Triple Power offers a NEW 5.8kWh model that can be installed in series with up to 4 batteries allowing 23.2kWh of storage. The new Triple Power encompasses the latest in LFP technology which ensures much safer installations with greater temperature tolerances. With a 10-year warranty and a 90% depth of discharge, the new Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical and high performance energy storage solution.
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Compatible with: X1-Hybrid, X1-Fit, X3-Hybrid, X3-Fit y X1-AC

  • The safest LiFePO4 battery

  • 90% DOD (depth of discharge)

  • Life cycle >6000 cycles

  • Protection level IP55

  • Floor or wall installation

  • Quick installation

  • No toxic heavy metals or caustic materials

Crea un sistema de hasta 8 baterías con el Triple Power Parallel BMS

Gracias al Triple Power Parallel BMS es posible crear un sistema de baterías Triple Power T58  de SolaX para conectar hasta ocho de ellas a los inversores SolaX Hybrid X1 y SolaX Hybrid X3. Descubre la Triple Power Parallel BMS en su página de producto.


Electrical values:

Nominal voltage [V] :115.2

Operating voltage [V] : 100-131

Battery type: Li-on (LFP)

Nominal capacity [kWh]: 5.8

Usable capacity [kWh] : 5.2

Faradic load efficiency [%] : 99

Efficiency of the return battery [%] : 95

Standard power [kW] : 2.9

Maximum power [kW] : 4.0

Recommended load current [A] : 25

Maximum load/unload current [A] : 35

Life cycle [90% DOD] : >6000 Cycles

Warranty [Year] : 10


Available operating temperature range [℃]: 0 to 55

Operating temperature range at full load [℃]: 5 to 48

Humidity [%]: 4 to 100 (condensation)

Altitude [m] below: 2000

Protection: IP55

Information and communication:

System to Inverter : CAN2.0

Battery to Battery/BMS : RS485

Data collection port /FW UPDATE: CAN2.0

Master control working mode indicator: 1 LED

Master Control Capacity Indicator: 4LED (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

LED battery module : 2 LEDs

Reset : Button

ON/OFF switch : Button*1 + switch*1


Safety: EC, RCM, TUV(IEC62619) UL1973,ROHS,REACH

UN number: UN3840

Classification of Hazardous Materials: Class 9

Transportation test requirement: UN38.3


Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]: 474*193*708 (T-BAT H 5.8) / 474*193*647 (HV11550)

Weight [kg]: 72.2 (T-BAT H 5.8) / 68.5 (HV11550)

*The Triple Power battery can be extended to 4 modules, for a total of 23.2kWh