LG Chem

LG Chem has superior lithium-ion battery technology and a global production capacity, LG Chem supplies battery systems for ESS batteries in many different fields, including mains, domestic, commercial and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

The lithium battery series LG Chem RESU (Residential Energy Storage Unit) has a compact size and is easy to install. With a DC bus efficiency of up to 95%, it also provides a durability that ensures 80% capacity after 10 years. Its storage capacities are between 3.3 kWh and 19.6 kWh.

LG Chem is a company with more than 70 years of experience, specialised in chemical products, electronics and telecommunications. LG Chem belongs to the LG Group, one of the largest groups in the world.

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400-volt lithium-ion battery with integrated control system. Light and compact size, easy to install.

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48V lithium-ion battery with a life of up to 6,000 cycles, with a very high durability.

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RESU accessories

Everything you need to connect with maximum compatibility in the installation of your LG Chem products.

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