MODIFY MY ORDER                 

It is possible to modify an order depending on the time of processing.

Quotation received but not paid

If you have completed all the steps on the website and confirmed your order, you will have received an email with the final quote. If you have not paid, you can contact our sales department that will cancel this order and generate a completely new one with the modifications you want. You will then receive a new estimate by email so that you can make the payment and your order can be sent.

Budget received and paid

If you have ordered and paid for an order and wish to make a change before the order is shipped, you can contact our sales department who will cancel the order and give you a new one with the changes. With the payment there are two options, the first one is a refund of the same amount in the bank account of your choice, or you can choose to leave that amount as a balance to be used with the new modified order. You will receive the new quote in your email so that you can pay it either with the balance generated or with a new payment.

Order sent

It is not possible to change an order that has already left the warehouse. In this case it is necessary to return it and generate a new order. If you want to know more about returns, please consult our Returns.