Victron Energy

Victron Energy is a consolidated Dutch company in the renewable energy sector thanks to its range of quality and reliable products, which include power equipment, inverter-chargers, DC/DC converters and battery chargers, among many others.

Victron Energy stands out in the section of isolated electrical systems where it is a reference in the market, it is a reference brand thanks to its robustness and stability when it comes to executing photovoltaic processes.

The company is a leader in solar current inverters for isolated photovoltaic solar energy installations and is considered the preferred professional option for independent electrical systems.

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Phoenix Inverters

The different Phoenix series ensure a superior design developed for professional use.

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MultiPlus Inverters

The MultiPlus series combines the functions of the inverter and battery charger with adaptive technology.

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Quattro Inverters

The Quattro inverters have the possibility of connecting to two AC power supplies.

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Multiplus II inverters

The Multiplus II combines the inverter and charger with the option of an external power transformer.

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Blue Smart Battery Charger

The Blue Smart IP22 chargers are the new professional battery chargers with built-in bluetooth.

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Centaur Battery Charger

These chargers have an automatic range input between 90-265VAC 50/60Hz, so they can be used anywhere in the world.

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Skylla Battery Charger

Available are the i 24V, Tg 24V/48V and TG GMDSS 24V series, all powerful enough to withstand the rigours of an adverse environment.

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Phoenix Smart Battery Charger

For boat owners, this 5-stage adaptive charger can provide 30A or 50A of charge to each of the three battery banks.

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Phoenix Battery Charger

Adaptive 4-stage charging feature with two full rated outputs and one 4 amp output.

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Gerbo GX monitoring

With this communication centre you can have control of your equipment at all times.

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BlueSolar and SmartSolar controllers that improve MPPT tracking in cloudy skies and increase energy collection.

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Lithium, lead carbon or GEL batteries with the latest technology to store as much energy as possible