Kostal is one of the leading companies for innovative string inverters and storage systems for private and small commercial photovoltaic installations.

With over 100 years of history, the Kostal Group has extensive experience in its fields of activity, such as automotive electronics, industrial electronics, contact systems and testing techniques (SOMA).

If there is one thing that makes Kostal products stand out, it is their inverters. The Plenticore Plus series is their latest solution for transforming solar energy into electricity, storing it and distributing it efficiently, resulting in savings and making our electricity cheaper.

Kostal's Plenticore plus inverters are ready for any field of application in the home and are the perfect companion for powerful and efficient installations. With the possibility of expanding as the installation grows safely and reliably.

Thanks to its three photovoltaic inputs, optimum output is achieved in shaded situations and other AC energy sources can be used to charge the battery.

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Plenticore Plus inverters

The latest generation of Kostal inverters. Versatile, powerful and efficient. The best option for new installations or updating old ones.

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PIKO IQ Investors

A flexible inverter with two extended range PMP trackers with fast self-learning shadow management.

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PIKO MP PLUS Inverters

A new standard in string inverters, flexible, communicative and functional. Easy installation with one or two PMP trackers.

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PIKO Investors

With great flexibility, communication and manageability. With increased production thanks to Smart optimisation.