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Solar batteries

Stores energy for use whenever you want to use it

Solar batteries are essential elements to be able to have electricity available when the sun is shining. solar panels cannot produce energy, either because it is cloudy or at night. With a good installation combining batteries to the rest of the elements you can ensure cheap light all day long.

¡Techno Sun has the best brands of solar batteries!

High capacity, reliability, and elegance for all needs
Lithium batteries with plenty of storage for the most demanding customers
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Triple Power 18kWh de SolaX Power

The new Triple Power from Solax Power  encompasses the latest in LFP technology that ensures much safer installations with higher temperature tolerances.

Premium HVM 16,6 kWh de BYD

The new generation of lithium batteries by BYD high-voltage HVM series are compatible with all major brands of solar inverters from the market

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Battery Products

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BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL 15,4 kWh

Scalable system up to 98.3 kWh, compatible with single-phase and three-phase inverters.

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Pylontech US2000 48V serie C

Modular solar lithium battery in 19' rack format, installable in parallel up to 8 units.

Lithium Batteries

AGM Batteries and Monoblock

Baterías modulares Pylontech

Solar battery brands

¿Qué es una What is a solar battery??

The solar battery is one of the components of the solar installation, these elements are essential for isolated installations and self-consumption or if you want to have energy outside daylight hours. The solar battery is responsible for storing the energy produced by the solar panels to be used when there is no sun to produce such energy.

How to charge lithium batteries?

How to know the charge of a solar battery?

The must-have element of solar panel batteries for charging ion lithium batteries, lead batteries, gel batteries, AGM batteries or any other type, is the solar inversor or the battery charger. These two devices are in charge of carrying the energy produced by the solar panels to the batteries. If you also want to know how much charge the battery has, you will need to use a monitoring with accesories .

What are the best batteries for solar panels?

There are different types of solar batteries in the market, each of them has a different type of characteristics: less or no maintenance, higher capacities, more or less discharge cycles. That is why there is no definitive answer to which is the best battery for solar panels, it will depend entirely on the needs of each installation.

That is why we recommend contacting our sales department who will inform you about all the options and which one suits you best.