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Solar panel mounting system

The structure for solar panels are for correct orientation

The supports for solar panels are essential to install solar panels, as these do not come with structures. Depending on the conditions of the place where we are going to make the installation as well as the direction of the sun will be recommended a type of structures or others.

Make sure you make the most of the sunlight!

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Coplanar structures [ACL]

Supports for solar panels superimposed on the roof, without adding additional slope. 

Models from 1 to 20 panels per row, expandable with joining kits.

· GR Serie: anodized aluminum

· SU Serie:raw aluminum

· For sheet metal roofs

Fixed inclined structures  [AEF]

Inclined supports on flat surfaces, both for roof and ground, in rows of 1, 2 and 3 panels high and up to 20 panels long, extendable with connection kits.

· Inclined for terrain 1-3 panels high.

· Inclined for floor 1 row

· Inclined for floor 2 rows

· Inclined for floor 3 rows

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Adjustable inclined structures [AER]

Anodized aluminum inclined supports for roofs or floors. We offer 1-row models from 1 to 20 panels, expandable with joint kits.

· Adjustable structures with legs

· Adjustable structures with triangles

Structures for facades [AFH/AFV]

Inclined supports to be placed on facades. This series is realized in raw aluminum, available in models for panels in vertical and horizontal.

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Solar trackers

Although trackers are no longer a popular product, you may be interested in them with the new bifacial solar panels.

See range of trackers

Structural accessories

Section for those who prefer to buy single parts in bulk at a more competitive price and make their own configurations.
Rails, joints, Z, T, L, bolts, legs, triangles, hardware, nuts, washers, etcetera.

· GR Accessories

· SU Accessories

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Supports for photovoltaic panels

The structures for solar panels are metallic structures whose profiles are made of aluminum to anchor the solar panels, so that they are both resistant and light, the screws are made of galvanized steel. They are designed to withstand inclement weather.

Which solar panel structure do I need?

There are several factors to take into account when choosing the support for the solar panelsIt is important to know the surface on which it will be placed to make a safe installation and oriented to the most convenient direction to maximize daylight hours.


It is also necessary to calculate the adequate inclination to optimize the photovoltaic energy obtained by the photovoltaic modules, having a range of 15 to 60 degrees of inclination, but being the normal between 30-45 degrees of orientation.

In addition to the correct degree of inclination, the spacing between the rows of solar panels must also be taken into consideration so that they do not shade each other and lose the performance of the solar panels.

Thus, we have structures that can be placed on flat surfaces, inclined (both fixed and adjustable), others designed to be anchored on the roof tiles of houses such as the coplanar ones, for facades, and we also have mobile structures that follow the path of the sun such as solar trackers.

Kit de unión estructuras ACL-GR [STR1686] Kit de unión estructuras ACL-GR
23.90 € 23.90 € 23.900000000000002 EUR

28.92 € 28.92 € with taxes

Compatible con sistemas de estructuras D2 (antigua serie GR) y carriles con rail D
Kit de unión para sistemas Serie SU - Techno Sun [S15-1] Kit de unión para sistemas Serie SU - Techno Sun
9.70 € 9.70 € 9.700000000000001 EUR

11.74 € 11.74 € with taxes