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Batvolt batteries

Batvolt is a company specialized in maintenance-free, high-parking, sealed monoblock batteries, very competitively priced and easy to install.

Batvolt batteries are characterized by offering practical and economical facilities within the solar photovoltaic market with a great starting performance at low temperatures and a lifetime within the usual average. Thanks to their LiFePO4 technology system they are the best choice for demanding solar PV systems, making their products perfect for off-grid power, telecommunication and lighting systems, both in residential and industrial applications.

In the case of monoblock batteries and thanks to their sealing technology, continuous use does not require maintenance for years since there is no need to renew the electrolyte with distilled water as in other accumulators.

19.2V (6x3.2V) lithium monoblock battery 20Ah BATVOLT 19.2V (6x3.2V) lithium monoblock battery 20Ah BATVOLT
218.70 € 218.70 € 218.70000000000002 EUR

264.63 € 264.63 € with taxes